Foscam IPCamera CGI User Guide

General description
Our device can only support authentication by pass user name or password attached at CGI request string currentlly.
For example:
We only support GET and POST method. Only importConfig and fwUpgrade can support POST method.
The cgi request string must be encode in url format. URL encode rule:
The following chars will not be encoded: [A~Z] [a~z] [0~9] + @ * /
The other chars will be encoded into hex format.
For example:
will be encode to:

cgi execute result
We orgnize the cgi execute result as xml format, for example:


<result></result> means the common execute result value mean
0 Success
-1 CGI request string format error
-2 Username or password error
-3 Access deny
-4 CGI execute fail
-5 Timeout
-6 Reserve
-7 Unknown error
-8 Reserve